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Working in partnership with local and central government organisations and major international tour operators. We maximise the return from your assets and deliver the highest possible financial and cultural return to your stakeholders.

Our success is driven by working in partnership and understanding community desires and needs, and by sharing your values and concerns whilst sustaining and growing both cultural and commercial integrity.

This approach has led to the on-going partnerships with:
North Norfolk District Council – 17 year regeneration of Cromer Pier.
Bournemouth Council – 25 year partnership to regenerate Bournemouth Pier.


You win, we win – We win, you win

Resort & Desination Development

cromer-pier-05-350Openwide Coastal Ltd specialises in resort and destination development and management. Openwide’s Senior Partner and MD, Steve Cutbush, has spent over 30 years developing holiday brands for the UK tourism market and has advised resorts and destinations around the world.

Applying the same principals used in attraction design to the development and management of resorts and destinations, we focus on the customer journey to optimise the visitor experience from pre-discovery to Trip advisor review.

Utilising brand guidelines to explore, map and refine the emotional journey at all customer touch-points we have worked across all industry sectors to design both physical facilities and operating procedures for:

Staff Training

Working for clients such as SKY TV, Virgin Holidays and Marriot we deliver training courses covering: