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Pier Zip

Production Shows

Productions include:

  • Cruise ship productions shows
  • Excursion shows & dinner theatre
  • Comedy and band nights
  • Live action stunt shows
  • Circus – all human production shows
  • Variety shows
  • Europe’s only surviving “End of the Pier show”

Openwide International are renowned for the exceptional quality of their shows. Our productions are all designed to audiences either targeted by our clients or through a comprehensive understanding of the commercial market for live entertainment.

We have a dedicated team of freelance professionals who regularly work with us to cover all aspects of production including: Writers, Costume designers, Set designers, Choreographers, Directors, Lighting designers, Sound and AV designers & Production managers.

We specialize in working with clients to create brand new shows that are targeted specifically to their audience and commercial needs. On such projects, we undertake all aspects of show production from casting through to delivery.